About Me

I have gained a lot of valuable experience through my childhood, education and adult years. My first love of animals started helping on my parent’s farm working with a variety of animals. Working with animals had always been my goal which led me to attend Plumpton College.

After two years at Plumpton, I achieved good grades on the National Diploma in Animal Management. I then went on to study the FdSc Foundation Degree in Animal Science at Brighton University.

Throughout the years, I have gained a lot of experience in animal-based jobs such as kennels, pet shops, catteries and rescue centres. I’ve always wanted to work with animals and running my own cattery was the perfect job for me.

About The Cattery

In 2011 after purchasing land, we started to draw up plans for Colliers Cattery. It was crucial at the point to gain as much knowledge not only for the design but also for the husbandry and future guests’ needs. After speaking to relevant organisations, reading numerous books on the subject and with the help of our architect we came up with the plan for Colliers Cattery.

We decided to send copies of the plans to the council and other industry experts to give us feedback and guidance. We believe that the Cattery would not be what it is now without this help.

Within a year, the Cattery was starting to take shape. It was important that the Cattery looked professional, fitted into the surrounding area and was as welcoming as possible. The Cattery has been built using high-quality materials which not only look nice but will last. We spent a lot of time considering the design hoping to provide luxurious surrounding at a set, affordable price.